Agreement with the terms


These terms of use and the documents referenced or indicated below (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) define the basic concepts according to which customers will be able to use the website with the (additional domain located at *.ltd, *, *.digital) URL (hereinafter referred to as “ Web site") and related services (hereinafter collectively referred to as the" Service ").

Please read these terms of use carefully, as they constitute an agreement between you - our client (hereinafter referred to as the “Client”) - and our company. This agreement is legally binding. By opening an account (hereinafter referred to as the “Account”) and using the Service, you agree to these Terms and any amendments that may be published periodically.

If you have questions, please contact our company using the contact information below.

The name A.T.C. & Co., Ltd. is used for implementation of commercial activity (hereinafter referred to as “A.T.C.").

A.T.C. stands as the Operator of the website, which operates under the № 13 53 79 32 license for providing  trust management and targeted investment services issued by the UK Government and located at Apex House, Calthorpe Road, Birmingham, England, B15 1TR. Representatives of A.T.C. will communicate with each Client only using a registered email address (hereinafter referred to as “Registered Email Address”) indicated by the Client at the opening an account in A.T.C. Emails from representatives of A.T.C. will only come from this email address: [email protected]


The company reserves the right to amend of these terms and conditions at any time (including any documents referenced below). If such an amendment is not material, we may not send preliminary notice of its correction. You will be notified in advance of significant changes to the conditions. You may be required to reaffirm your acceptance of the updated terms and conditions before the changes enter into force. If you object to any such changes, then you are obliged immediately stop using the service. In this case, the following termination rules of agreement will apply. Further use of the service means that you agree with the changes. Any investments that were not made prior to the entry into force of the amended conditions will be regulated in accordance with pre-existing terms.

If you have doubts about how to use the Service, you should read these terms or contact the customer service department (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer Service Department”) at [email protected]


1.1 By using the Service under any circumstances, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1.1.1 You are already 18 years old (or you are at least the age of majority stipulated by the legislation of the relevant jurisdiction), and you may enter into agreements with our company that are legally binding.

1.1.2 You live on the territory of country where private investment is permitted by law and does not require from the investor to have the appropriate licenses or you already have obtained such a license (In cases of doubt, seek advice from a lawyer). It is your responsibility to ensure the legality of using the service.

1.1.3 You are not a resident of the following countries.

  1.  US and subordinate its territories
  2.  French Republic and its subordinate territories
  3.  Singapore

1.1.4 When you remittance to our company, you have the right to such actions (for example, you are an authorized user of a credit or debit card or you have the right to make payments in another way). You act as a natural person in your own interests and on your own behalf, and don't represent the interests of other parties. You understand and realize that investments always involve a certain risk. In this case, you will be fully responsible for the probable risks associated with your investment. In general cases, you must always act in good faith with our company.


2.1 By using the Service under any circumstances, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

2.1.1 In order to ensure the reliability of the service and for other operational reasons, we reserve the right to refuse to accept the registration application from any person who submitted it, at our own discretion and without obligation to report a specific reason.

2.1.2 Before using the service, you must personally fill out the registration form, read and accept these terms and conditions. If the company has sufficient ground to suspect you of using funds obtained illegally or attempting to legalize such illegal funds, we reserve the right to require you to go through the verification procedure. You may be required to provide a valid document proving your identity, as well as any other document that might seem necessary. Identification documents include a photo ID (copy of passport, driver’s license or national identification card) and the final utility bill with your name and address, which confirms the fact of residence at this address. This procedure can be carried out in accordance with applicable rules, legal requirements aimed at counteracting to legalization of proceeds from crime. In addition, you will be required to transfer funds to your Account on the Website using the payment methods specified in the relevant section of the Company Website.

2.1.3 You have to provide true and complete information about yourself, including the indication of a valid name, surname and email address, and must update the providing information for ensuring its completeness and accuracy in the future. You are under the obligation to ensure the relevance of your contact details provided in the account information. Ignoring this provision may lead to the fact that you will not receive important notifications related to the account and information from the company, including regarding changes to these conditions. Identification and communication with clients is carried out by company representatives using the appropriate registered email addresses. Client must ensure the activity and uniqueness of the email account, provide the correct email address and notify A.T.C. of any changes to this address. Each client is fully responsible for ensuring the security of their Registered Email Address and preventing any third party from using this address. The operation of each Client’s Account without a specified email address at which A.T.C. could contact him will be suspended until such an address will not be provided. If the Client intentionally provides false or inaccurate personal information, the company will immediately suspend client's account by sending a written notice. In addition, in certain circumstances, the company may bring judicial process against the client for such actions and / or inform the appropriate authorities that may also initiate legal proceedings against the client.

2.1.4 To ensure the financial viability of the client and confirm his identity, the company may use the services of third-party information providers that will be necessary.

2.1.5 The client is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of his password to access the service. We recommend clients regularly change their password and never share it with third parties. You are required to ensure defence of your password. Ignoring this requirement may lead to the fact that ,you will be fully responsible and cover expenses. If you think that some of the information about your Account is illegally used by a third party, that your Account has been hacked or your password has become known to a third party, you should immediately notify us by sending an email from your Registered Email to [email protected]

2.1.6 If your Registered Email Address has been hacked, you must notify us of this fact. However, we can demand from you to provide additional information or documentation proving your identity. If we become aware of such an incident, we will immediately suspend your account. Meanwhile, you are responsible for all actions, carried out by using your Account, including third-party access, regardless of whether you have granted the appropriate authority for such access. In any circumstances, you are prohibited from transferring any content or other information about the Service to another client or any other third party by creating a screenshot (or by any other similar method), and also to highlight such information or contents in a frame or in a different way from the actual display of this information if this client or a third party entered the URL address for accessing the Service in the address line of the browser.

2.1.7 We have no obligations to open an account, and the registration page on our website is just an invitation to start business cooperation. We decide, at our sole discretion, whether to proceed with opening an account for you, and in the case of a negative decision on your issue, we are not under any obligations to you in relation the reason for the rejection.

2.1.8 After receiving your application, we can contact you and require additional information and / or documentation that will allow us to ensure adherence of our regulatory and legal obligations.


3.1 You are prohibited from using the service in following cases:

3.1.1 You are under the age of 18 years old (or you have not reached the age of majority stipulated by the legislation of the respective country, or you cannot legally conclude binding agreements with our company;

3.1.2 For collecting aliases, email addresses and (or) other information about other Clients by any means (for example, sending spam or other types of unsolicited commercial email or using unauthorized cyclic synchronization with the Service or links to the Service);

3.1.3 To interfere in the execution of operations by other clients, illegally influence on such operations and the continuity of the Service as a whole; 

3.1.4 For the distribution of unsolicited commercial  advertising, affiliate links and other forms of imposing services that may be removed from the service without notice;

3.1.5 In any way that, in our reasonable opinion, could be viewed as an attempt: l) to use a fraudulent scheme in relation to the service or to deceive another client using the service; ll) for any type of illegal activity;

3.2 If you use the service for illegal purposes, we have the right to immediately terminate your account by sending you a written notice. In addition, in certain circumstances, the company may institute proceedings against you for such actions.


4.1 The protection and processing of any information provided to us will be carried out in strict accordance with these Terms and the company’s privacy policy.

4.2 You acknowledge and accept the fact that we collect and use your personal data for providing you access to the Website, the ability to use the Website and participate in investing. 

4.3 The identity of any person who invests in our company through the Service will remain in the strictest confidence, unless this information is legally required by competent authorities, such as regulatory authorities and the police (for example, to investigate cases of fraud, money-laundering).

4.4 After registration, your information is stored in our database. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree to the collection, storage and transfer of personal information in order to provide the service object of this agreement.


5.1 We have the right to close the account or suspend its operation and return the funds transferred to it if you do not comply with these conditions or we reasonably believe that this is so, either to ensure the reliability and honesty of the service, as well as if we have other reasonable reasons for similar actions. Prior notice of this is not always sent to clients. If the account must be closed for any reason, and the funds remaining on the balance sheet are not enough to cover any commissions on the withdrawal operations related to the transfer of money back to the Client, the funds will be withdrawn.

5.2 We reserve the right to suspend the account without prior notice and to return all funds transferred to it. However, contractual obligations that have already reached maturity will be respected.

5.3 If any amount was mistakenly placed to your account, the company would remain its owner. In the event that such an incident is detected, we undertake to notify you of this error and write off the corresponding amount from your account.

5.4 If you want to close your account, send an email from your Registered Email Address to [email protected]